Email to SMS

Emails sent from permitted email addresses in a specific format to are converted to SMS’s and sent to the specified recipient(s).

Email addresses from which emails will be permitted are set on the “Email settings” page. Emails sent to need to be formatted as follows:

  • The email subject must contain the email API token which can be generated from the “Email settings” page.
  • The body of the email must contain comma separated numbers, followed by a newline (CRLF) and then the text of the message to be sent

Email to SMS Example

            From email address:
            To email address:
            Email subject: 43bebe-35­501-9­40a1­b-5c1­75b-dcede1f46
            Email body:
            This is a test message that will be sent to 27828444154 and 27721562485

Please bare in mind that the above email to SMS will only be processed provided that has been added as a permitted email address on the “Email settings” page.